Saturday, December 25, 2010



Wow what an early morning.... The boys were up by 4:30, even though we said they were waiting til 7 to open gifts. They were so excited this year for some reason, and they knew we were Santa this year too??

They got most the things they wanted... board games, soft air guns, ds game, dsi points & cases, xbox 360 & ps2 games, havoc air helicopter, webkinz, beyblades and battle arena.
We got the boys Justin Beiber cards for their stockings as a
Here Drew is shooting a Justin card. They were going to use them for air soft target practice.
Tanner with all his things.... stuff in middle was to both them.
Drew with all his things. They both say their fav gift is the air-soft pellet gun kit. I just hope they dont shoot each other with them!!
Scott with his tool box he wanted. It has top tool box with tray and bottom bigger compartment for like impact gun, and also has wheels and pulling handle ( kinda like a suitcase).
and $25 Snap-on gift certificate

Suzie with her rope - doggie toy.
Suzie with her stocking things
Sissy with few her things....she also got bag catnip and lighted ball.

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