Monday, October 19, 2009

H1N1 Fluenza - Type A

Yesterday afternoon I took Tanner to the ER for his fever and cold. He started the cough Thursday night and the school sent him home Friday at 12, with a 99.1 temp and coughing. He had a high temp of 101.6 over weekend and 100.6 before taking him to the ER.
The ER swabbed his nose for the H1N1 fluenza and it came back A positive, plus he has middle ear infection and sinutitis on top of it. Dr. said Tanner was pretty well over the H1N1 being he had temp for over 48 hours, gave him an antibiotic and cough medicine and sent us home.
Well........he woke up this morning with no fever and feeling alot better! thank god! I'm glad I took him now!

Drew started the same croopy cough lastnight and was up bout all night with it... finally staying up at 6:20 this morning.
He has low temp 98.9, flushed face and runny nose. I made him an appointment for 2:15 today.....sure hope he doesnt have it too.

My chest hurts some and tired the past few days, but no cough yet. Scott has little cough now too! :(

The H1N1 has regular flu symptoms, so keep an eye on your kids!!!
The schools have had several cases of this type A fluenza.

The A type fluenza is the lesser one, guess B type is very serious with quarentine!

Tanner and I sitting in ER......bout everyone had face mask on. We had both been crying when dr said he had H1N1. I was a nerves wreck when he said he had it....not knowing there was serveral different variations of it. Tanner was crying too, saying mommy am I going to die? Poor kid!! :(
my Tan-man laying down, was cold so I went and got him a warmed blanket.
Please pray this terrible disease goes away!!!!!! I love my babies and hope the feel better real soon!!!!!!!

PS........too funny, Drew told Scott that Tanner got the Swine Flu from the pigs at the fair! We had to laugh. lol

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