Friday, September 11, 2009

Babysitting Ella and Lucy this week

This Wednesday, Thurs & Fri I got to watch the girls again. Their babysitter was on vacation, so I was back-up this week.
I cant believe how much Lucy has grown since February when I stopped babysitting. Remember I babysit both them since birth. :)

Poor Lucy was sick too, running high temps, but we still had a good 3 days together!!
Ive missed them, but still dont want to go back to fulltime babysitter again. :) lol

We walked down to the playground today after lunch.... Lucy standing on merry-go-round.
Ella hanging like a monkey upside down

Ella held Lucy on merry go round and teeter tot....she is so good with her lil sis!
Girls today after coming back from playground.....Ella lil ole bag lady, and Lucy was eating captain cruntch cereal. :)
More cereal.....look at that face! lol You can see some of her rash here too. She broke out all over in rash today from her fevers. :( poor baby!
This was Thursday.....Lucy is miss drama, has some of the funniest - serious looks! She was loving on Suzie.
Ella with "her twins", as she says.
Girls sitting on porch with Suzie watching for boys to come home.
Most of these were taken on my cell , so color isnt the best. Yep I'm still a pic freak!!!!! lmao :P

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