Wednesday, November 7, 2007


WHAT A DAY!!! rush rush rush

Scott went to the burn specialist at 12:30.... she cleaned the yellow gooey blisters and bandaged it with a drawing patch to draw the drainage out. He isnt suppose to put anything on his forehead besides the bandage and clean it with Dial antibacterial soap. She gave him a different ointment for under his eyes and cheeks only. Not to use the other ointment / antibiotic anymore. She said it looked good with no infection. THANK GOD!!

On another note I watched Ella for Christy from 10 - 2:30, so she could rest ... she was at home sick also. Then right after she dropped Ella off, the school called me at 10:30, Tanner was sick , so I went to pick him up..... I made him an appointment and the only time he could get in was 3:00 and he has a bad right ear infection. On an antibiotic =( and has to go back in 2 weeks for a check up.
He and Drew were suppose to have eye dr appointments at 3:30 and 4:00, but I called and rescheduled Tanner's. I took Tanner to the dr and Scott brought Drew down when he got home from school and met me at the eye dr. Scott took Tanner home and I stayed with Drew for his eye appointment.
Atleast his eyes were fine again!! A happier note of the day!

Please keep us all in your prayers!

I am totally tired from all the running around today! I ought to sleep good tonight =)

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